Rectifier is a liquid water acidifier that controls a broad range of water pathogens. Water is a critical input for poultry operations and ensuring a supply of pathogen free water is essential. Rectifier used in its prescribed dosage can foil commonly faced problems like ph, hardness, tds, tbc, odour, taste, and the presence of biofilms, minerals, salts, metallic ions, free radicals and biological pollutants. Rectifier is a perfect blend of activated complex organic and inorganic acids which is completely free of chlorine and phosphates. Rectifier is easily miscible in water and its active ingredients are available in full therapeutic dosage. Rectifier potentiates the action of chlorine. Is an excellent aid to reduce a broad range of pathogens found in water.

Features and Benefits

    1. Eliminates harmful bacteria
    2. Improves gut health and beneficial bacteria
    3. Improves FCR & body weight
    4. Helps to improve digestion & nutrient absorption


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