Newgen Aqua

Newgen Aqua

Newgen Aqua is a new generation, highly efficient, multipurpose biocide. It is a perfect, synergistic blend of cationic polymer, biguanide and acidified quats. Newgen Aqua's extra broad spectrum of activity, sustainable / green chemistry, environmental integrity and safety in usage makes it a biocide of choice fora host of industries. NEWGEN AQUA is an ideal partner in first line of defence against all types of microbes.    

Features and Benefits

    1. Eliminates bacteria, fungus and fungi in drinking water
    2. Highly effective against Algae, Molluscs & Oocyst
    3. Longer residual effect
    4. Effective at wide  pH range
    5. Safe- Non-irritant and Non-toxic

Newgen Aqua

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