True Value

True Value

True-Value is a synergistic blend of 1st and 4th generation quats and a powerful antifungal agent. it is a very versatile product and is a broad spectrum biocide. True-value possesses a unique buffering system that ensures it works on surfaces with wide range of pH  and  in all adverse condition of water and presence of organic matter. The inactive added in it make it excellent for use in hatcheries and farms.  

Features and Benefits

    1. Highly effective on Bacteria(E.coli, Clostridium etc), Virus(IBDV, NDV etc) and Fungi
    2. Added TBTO—An excellent anti-fungal agent
    3. Highly effective in presence of birds
    4. Rust & corrosion inhibitor
    5. 100% biodegradable and safe
    6. Eco friendly

True Value

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