Bactocid MCFA

Bactocid MCFA

Daacid pro is unique synergistic combination of medium and short chain fatty acids along with some pro enhancers working in perfect harmony. It is the best way of modulating the gut bacterial population, enhancing the commensal population and destroying the pathogenic bacteria with the effective action on both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.

Features and Benefits

  1. Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria
  2. Prevents feed from fungal infestation and protects against recontamination
  3. Maintains the intestinal health
  4. Enhances protein digestion
  5. Stimulates the pancreatic secretions
  6. Improves nutrient absorption
  7. Stimulates the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the gut
  8. Acts as an natural growth promoter

Bactocid MCFA

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