Optibetaine is one of its kind, value added betaine with highest Methyl Donor Value (MDV). It has all the ingredients to improve the absorption of the betaine right from the cellular level. It also nourishes the intestinal cell leading to healthy villi and hence leads to the optimum absorption of the nutrients. The osmoregualtory activity of Optibetaine prevents the effect of any kind of stress to affect the bird and hence ensures optimum health every time. Not only for summers but it supports the bird’s intestinal and physiological systems to overcome the effects of coccidiosis in the rainy season.

Features and Benefits

1. More than 80 % Absorption

2. Replace methionine 300 g /ton & 80% of required Choline Chloride

3. Prevents and replenish metabolic energy loss

4. Improves nutrient absorption

5. Minimizes fatty liver condition

6. Reduces shrinkage during transportation


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