An interactive guide for the empowerment of the poultry farmers

Key Features

  • Introduction to Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
  • Updated news regarding the happenings in the poultry industry.
  • Specialized assistance for feed formulation from experts
  • Calculators for day to day use on poultry farm
  • Our field and laboratory service details
  • Product overview (with easy download pdf)
  • Dosage calculator for products in Optima range
  • Newsletters
Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading & fast growing company in Animal health and Nutrition. We are innovator, initiator, path breakers and a trend setter. We expertise in all the arrays of poultry nutrition. With an extensive product range in the Biosecurity and Feed additive sector, we deliver better than the best.
By having an extensive field presence, Optima can forecast local-market needs and bring in the tools accordingly to empower our clients and make their business a profitable venture through this app. To Know more.. DOWNLOAD THE APP